Everyone Loves a Good Success Story.

ChattyLime can help tell yours.

In today’s B2B market, content is king.

Adding a compelling case study to your content marketing strategy is more valuable than you think.  According to The Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates more than 3x as many leads.

A well-written case study provides effective content marketing that will add:


Valuable website content to increase traffic
Compelling material to secure stories in trade/industry publications
Collateral to support sales and marketing efforts
A written, third-party testimonial that endorses your product/services

Proven Methodology

ChattyLime has perfected a simple and effective 8-step approach to crafting a powerful case study that requires no more than a 30-minute conversation.

Client has identified and secured a Case Study subject for ChattyLime to interview.
ChattyLime schedules 30-minute conference call with Case Study subject.
A brief questionnaire is developed by ChattyLime and sent to the Case Study subject in advance of the call.
ChattyLime completes one-on-one interview with Case Study subject.
Within 5-7 business days, a case study draft is submitted to the Client for review/feedback.
Following any necessary revisions, ChattyLime submits the draft to the Case Study subject for final approval.
Upon copy approval, ChattyLime designs a PDF with graphics that align with the Client’s branding.
Once the Case Study is approved, the final PDF and source files are submitted to Client.

A few examples of our B2B case studies.

CPGToolBox Trade Promotion Software

ChattyLime discusses how CPGToolBox’s software solution helped SlimFast achieve transparency into its data.

DataCandy Loyalty Software

Hear how ChattyLime helped DataCandy publicize Hurricane’s increase in guest visits and ticket spend.

Made4Net Warehouse Management

See how ChattyLime shared the story of how Made4net helped i play eradicate years of previous WMS inefficiencies.

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