Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Raking in Results

Sending an email is easy. However, getting customers and prospects to open, read and respond to your email requires a bit of strategy. You could say email marketing is the 21st century version of cold calling. If you think about it, the introduction of Caller ID led to screening phone calls which steered daily communication towards email that are now being read on a smartphone.

Back to the point… 196 billion emails are sent daily around the world with 109 billion of those being business related.  Email marketing has proven to convert more leads into customers; and with the right email automation tools, businesses can handle five times more volume.

If your email marketing campaigns are consistently producing poor click through rates, it’s time to step back and assess the situation – because email marketing is not going away.

Step 1

Here are 3 common problems that lead to a quick delete:

  • Too long. No one is reading an email that is a mini essay. DELETE
  • Too Many Call to Actions: Are you asking the reader to complete a form, go to a landing page, check out your website, download something and email you back? DELETE
  • Too selfish: Your super awesomeness should not be the main take away from the email. DELETE

Step 2

Email open and click rates are directly proportional to the subject line.  Subject lines should be short (50 characters max) and to the point.

Step 3

Edit, measure and repeat. Trim down copy as much as possible. If necessary, create a series of emails with each one delivering a single theme or message. If a campaign is not producing positive results, rewrite the copy or subject line and try again.

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