Why Responsive Web Design Is a Marketing Must

Every business should have a web presence beyond social media. A website informs customers about products and services and establishes brand legitimacy. However, in today’s mobile world, a responsive site continues to be overlooked in the final web design.

Why is a responsive website important? Eighty-nine percent of smartphone users access the internet daily on their device. A responsive site ensures your web copy and images are user-friendly across all types and sizes of mobile devices. Without a responsive design, mobile users will encounter distorted images, navigation issues, and a never ending scroll to read copy points.

Here is an easy way to think about responsive site design: Website content should be fluid, much like water taking the shape of whatever container it is placed into. This allows every element of the site to resize in relation to one another depending on the screen in which they are being viewed.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly annoy users. That ultimately affects your bottom line. A recent Google survey learned that 61% of respondents will take their business elsewhere if a site is not mobile friendly. Fifty-five percent of respondents agreed that a frustrating experience on a website hurts their opinion of the brand overall.

Yikes! Marketers must ensure a website design flaw is not turning off customers. Thankfully, this is a fixable problem with the following backend end design tactics:

Make It Relative

Use relative units when sizing the content of your web page. Using units such as percentages allows for an easier transition from one screen to another versus using a more static unit, like pixels.

Give It Parameters

Use media queries. This allows you to set certain parameters based on the size of the screen on which your site is being viewed.

Unfortunately, 96% of the Google survey respondents have been to website that does not work on their mobile device. Was one of them yours?

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