To Blog or Not to Blog?

It is 2017 and your marketing strategy should definitely include a regularly updated company blog. A blog will not only humanize your brand and enhance online visibility, but it will prove valuable at promoting your products and services in a low pressure, non-salesy way. More importantly, blogs are traffic magnets and keep you’re your website updated with fresh content.

Consumers are actively researching your company before making a purchasing decision and continue to seek input from industry experts and thoughts leaders as part of their detective work.  In fact, 47% of consumers will view 3 to 5 pieces of content before even thinking about talking to a human sales rep.

After consumers scour social media, product reviews and read all the complimentary brochures and articles your website offers, let your blog do the talking!  If executing a blog is your main stumbling block, ChattyLime has the methodology and writing chops to move a blog from concept to live content.

This infographic does the best job at outlining why blogging should be part of your ongoing business growth strategies.

Why Every Business Should Blog
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Are WIX Websites Really Free?

Go online and search for “Build a free website,” and dozens of options will pop up to entice you. From customizable themes and free domain names to mobile-friendly designs and SEO wizards, there are an array of online solutions for building totally free websites. However, what’s being offered for zilch and what you might truly need can quickly fall out of balance once you get into the weeds.

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