Stretch Your Budget with Free Marketing Tools

Successful marketers rely on an arsenal of high- and low-cost tools to publicize products and promote services. Have no fear savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners! There are a variety of free (yes, free!) web-based marketing applications to help you get the job done on a budget.

Many of today’s marketing tools offer “base plans” that are reliable, effective, and require zero dollars.  Here is a short list of free tools that are ChattyLime tested and approved.

MailChimp: If you’re new to the email marketing game, you can’t beat MailChimp. You can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers absolutely free. There are easy-to-use email templates or you can customize your own design. Plus, you can capture analytics such as opens, clicks and bounce rates for each email campaign you deploy.

Hootsuite: The free plan at Hootsuite allows you to sync three social media profiles and easily curate, schedule, post and respond across all your social platforms in one easy-to-use dashboard. As a small business owner, time may not be on your side, but this tool allows you to create a constant stream of information during a dedicated time each day so you won’t have to be hooked to your Twitter or Facebook feed at every moment.

Canva: Want the look of professionally designed graphics for your blog or marketing materials without the cost or the expertise? Canva offers pre-formatted templates to create social media banners, blog graphics, marketing flyers, and much more. There are loads of free images too, or you can upload your own.

Are WIX Websites Really Free?

Go online and search for “Build a free website,” and dozens of options will pop up to entice you. From customizable themes and free domain names to mobile-friendly designs and SEO wizards, there are an array of online solutions for building totally free websites. However, what’s being offered for zilch and what you might truly need can quickly fall out of balance once you get into the weeds.

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