Should You Invite an Outsider to Your Brainstorm Session?

The art of brainstorming has taken on many forms and has been given many creative names over the years. For example, think tank, idea generation, collaboration session and disruption day, just to name a few. Even ChattyLime got in on the trend by using the term “spitball session.” No matter how you refer to the process of generating ideas and collecting different viewpoints, internal brainstorming continues to be a powerful business tool for organizations big and small.

But, what if an outsider’s perspective was brought into the mix? A combination of internal and external players would immediately change the environment, add fresh eyes and stimulate a different flow of ideas – right?

Your team may feel intimidated or even vulnerable exchanging ideas with strangers who are not emotionally invested in the brand or informed on the complexities of day-to-day business operations. But that’s the whole point. An unbiased outlook and a set of fresh eyes can add another level of stimulation leading to a new crop of ideas to explore and build upon.

Without debate, gathering your team to stimulate imaginative thinking is a valuable exercise. No matter who is invited into the room, here are two key tips to get the ideas flowing:

Create the Right Environment:

Whether it’s a conference room or an outdoor setting, remove judgement, limit disruptions and establish a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Utilize Various Techniques for Creativity

Try a rapid-fire SWOT analysis or break into mini groups to keep the session energized. Throwing your budget out the window is always a crowd favorite.

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