Making a Case for Case Studies

Fundamentally, a case study is good storytelling; and who doesn’t love a good success story? B2B companies rely heavily on case studies because they work. In fact, 54% of marketers say case studies are their most effective lead generation strategy.

Here are a few reasons why a well-written case study is a valuable marketing must-have:


Presents proof that your product/service has successfully solved a problem.

A case study outlines facts, stats, timelines and details. Your leads and prospects will react well to this level of information because they want to achieve similar results and be your next success story.


Offers a product/service endorsement from the customer’s perspective. 

Prospects can see the process and how easily results were achieved through the customer’s eyes, not yours. Studies continue to prove that external reviews and third party endorsement strongly influence purchasing decision.

Provides a long shelf life with lots of leverage.

Businesses can utilize a case study to create a spin off series of additional marketing content. Pluck that mind-blowing stat or ah-ha moment from the story and generate a new lead-generation email campaign, cool infographic, quick video or blog post.

Before you call up your best customer and ask him/her to participate in a case study, know this. Not all case studies are created equal. While every writer has their own style, a quality case study should follow a few best practices.

For example:

  • Stick to a 2-page minimum
  • Don’t be vague
  • Conduct a personal phone interview with the case study subject
  • Make the story relevant
  • Design a killer layout toa showcase your story

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