How to Network with 30+ Business Professionals in One Hour

When it comes to running a business, attending a professional networking event to connect with new people is critical for continued growth. Too often, however, these events revolve around eating warm cheese, squinting at name tags, and repeating your elevator pitch like a broken record.  The environment at traditional networking events is mostly uncomfortable and not very productive.

Luckily, there is a fresh approach. Inspired by the efficiency of speed dating, Networking with a Twist removes the awkwardness of traditional B2B networking events and makes it easy to meet up to 30 like-minded professionals in the span of 60 minutes. It’s unlike other events you’ve been to for a couple of reasons:

There are Guidelines:  Networking with a Twist has a structured flow. Unlike other events, there is a clear agenda with ground rules to help attendees quickly identify who in the room they want to pursue.  No more mindless roaming or painful icebreaker conversations!

This is Not a Cocktail Party:  The event producers (ChattyLime and Sandler Training by Peak Performance Management) make it clear that this affair is not about scoring a new job or free drinks. The folks who attend Networking with a Twist are serious B2B professionals looking for a genuine opportunity to generate awareness about their services and establish referral partnerships.

It Pays to be Exclusive:  Space is limited. Due to the nature of this networking forum, the event keeps attendance limited to 35 participants. The intimate setting is purposefully designed to stimulate productive schmoozing among decision-makers.

Currently, Networking with a Twist takes place twice a year (sometimes more) and is exclusive to B2B professionals living in the Pittsburgh-area.  If you want to take peer networking to the next level, registration is open for the upcoming event on March 22.  There is a small fee to attend Networking with a Twist, but making 30+ connections in one morning is worth the investment, don’t you think?

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