Case Study

Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting Turns to ChattyLime to Take Back Control of Website

The Background

After a big box marketing agency designed and developed its new website, Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting was left with limited abilities to manage its own site. Due to the hard coding of the backend, Engage was continuously reliant on the agency to execute functionality updates and add new content. “Making the simplest change was not only difficult, but expensive,” says Don Racey, CEO of Engage. “We needed the ability to manage our own website.” Upon referral, Engage turned to boutique agency ChattyLime to conduct a website audit, which spanned user experience, reporting capabilities, SEO, and backend management. Significant modifications were recommended, yet the site’s configuration prevented anyone except the big box agency from implementing them – for a fee. The best way for Engage to gain independence and manage its site moving forward meant rebuilding the one-year-old website on a customizable template.
“The idea of re-building a practically new website was tough to hear, but in the end, it was necessary and more cost effective for us in the long run,” says Racey. “The personalized service, speed and responsiveness we experienced with ChattyLime was a welcomed change and proved bigger isn’t always better when it comes to marketing agencies.”


ChattyLime completed the rebuild in just two weeks, and for the first time, Engage had the ability to manage its own content as well as monitor website traffic and overall site performance. To ensure the new site could grow with Engage and be successful long-term, ChattyLime asked and addressed pertinent questions surrounding future website features and functionality. Perhaps most importantly, ChattyLime conducted two in-person training sessions to provide Engage with the tools and knowledge to make edits at will. “Not only did ChattyLime help us take control of our website, they empowered us to be more self-sufficient,” says Gina Wilkes, Marketing Director at Engage. “ChattyLime’s hands-on approach and use of common-sense language during training was very beneficial and gave us the confidence to manage the site moving forward.”


ChattyLime helped Engage:

Eliminate agency fees by managing its own website updates

Move to a user-friendly website CMS for quick and easy edits and additions

Feel knowledgeable and empowered to manage its website

Gain access to reports and dashboards that provide insights into web traffic and visitors

About Engage Energy & Industrial Consulting Engage is dedicated to helping energy and industrial companies reimagine how they can: drive value, impact profitability, and seize opportunities from using corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a core business strategy. With its newfound ability to monitor, manage and update its website, Engage is exploring SEO optimization and inbound marketing opportunities to increase daily traffic.

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