Digital Content Reigns Supreme in Converting Prospects

digital content strategyMake your online content work harder and win your audience

In today’s saturated market, it takes fresh messaging and custom, genuine content to stand out from the crowd and gain favorable attention. But how can you reach your target audience right where they are—undoubtedly on a phone or tablet—with a message that resonates in an authentic way?

Know who you are talking to
According to Forbes Agency Council, each one of us is exposed to thousands of advertising messages per day, and most of them we never engage with nor remember. Before useful, quality content can be developed, it’s imperative to conduct thorough market research and develop a keyword strategy.

Reviewing your online analytics every month can help you stay ahead of trends and realize what’s working. It doesn’t make sense to spin content toward dead ends when you can capitalize on what’s already engaging your audience. Try taking content that has performed well and break it down into separate, more-detailed pieces.

Optimize and share
Generating content can’t happen in a silo. Content based on a hot topic that’s trending with your audience will sit silent if it’s not optimized or shared. Remember that all-important initial research? It should help drive the keywords, tags and links you use in your content to rank on search engines, reach your target audience and drive engagement.

In addition to pairing your content with appealing visuals, pushing your content via social media—and ensuring readers can easily share your content—can help increase traffic, gain authority and lead to conversions. However, be sure not to over-post. Nothing will get your brand on the “Do Not Disturb” list faster than going on a spam-like sharing spree.

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