ChattyLine. No, ChattyLime, like the fruit…

Many people ask the question “Where did the name ChattyLime come from?” Well, as marketers, we are storytellers, so here’s the story behind the name…

When the gals of ChattyLime decided to embark on this business endeavor, we knew we wanted something catchy, memorable, meaningful and of course, something with a dot com available. After about 5 brainstorm sessions, 532 possible ideas, countless domain searches and way too many entries into NameVine… (Unfamiliar with NameVine ? I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re trying to come up with a company or name. It instantaneously informs you if the social media handles and domains are available. If it isn’t, it will generate other ideas. While you might not end up with one of the results as your name, it might just spark an idea that leads to your next company name.)

But, I digress…

The other element I forgot to mention is that we knew we wanted the tagline “Marketing with a Twist?” What’s the twist? Instead of going off on another tangent, I’ll just save that for another entry. Every good cocktail has a twist of lime, so, obviously that’s where the “lime” came into play.

Now, the “chatty” part, you might think as marketing we’re chatty people but it is actually a play-on the founder’s husband’s nickname. With a last name like Chitester…pronounced CHIT-ister, not CHI-TESTER…Mr. Chitester is well known as Chitty, CHATTY!
ChattyLime + Marketing with a Twist = ChattyLime. Your backpocket marketing team.

Let’s just say, if we’re at a networking event, everyone might not need our services, but they always remember our name.

Moral of the story: Pick a name that means something to you, isn’t too hard to spell and a dot com is available as well as majority of social media handles.

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