Are WIX Websites Really F ree?

Pushing the limits of DIY design 

Hop online and search for Build a free website, and dozens of options will pop up to entice you. From customizable themes and free domain names to mobile-friendly designs and SEO wizards, there are an array of online solutions for building totally free websites. For realthey are free! 

However, whats being offered for zilch and what you might truly need can quickly fall out of balance once you get into the weeds. And you definitely dont have time to get stuck there. 

The WIX way 
Anyone can jump into designing a free WIX website. Youll get a domain, choose a template and use their builder to customize your pages. Add a blog, start your own online store and even accept bookings. Or, you can answer a few questions and theyll create a site for you, just like magic. Poof! 

But how many people does this model work for? If youre new to flying solo or starting a side gig, this might be enough to get you started. However, if you already have a website you want to upgrademigrate or customize, youll likely get stumped and seek additional help.  

When you need more than WIX 
Are you taking your company to the next level? Do you need advanced features, pages and design? Building a brand and engaging with your target audience can quickly become a time-consuming hamster wheel. And while creating a website for free at the start of your journey is a great option, eventually youll want a hand to hold in the following areas:

Do you know how to integrate video, social media and SEO into a website so you can truly market yourself? If not, you might need more than a free WIX website.

  • Connecting your domain
  • Setting up email marketing
  • Formatting ads
  • Editing images
  • Creating and adding visual content, like videos and graphics
  • Developing your brand and logo
  • Updating your site
  • Installing apps
  • Customizing your email
  • Establishing Google Analytics
  • Integrating social media
  • Generating input forms
  • Increasing site functionality
  • Writing content for SEO

WIX is a fantastic option for many entrepreneurs. But if youre in need of a more serious site that can flex with your shifting strategy, market demand and online marketing plan, then a freelancer or agency might deserve your consideration. Chatty Lime can assist with all of the website development tasks listed above, and more