5 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

Whether your business revolves around beauty services or business intelligence, listen up. Too many websites feature outdated models and frustrating practices that are practically pushing visitors away. Today’s consumers are busy, impatient and have a need for instant gratification, so your website needs to evolve and meet higher standards.

If your website suffers from the following, customers are likely to click off your website within seconds:

Me, Me, Me Syndrome

Yes, customers want to know about your business, but details surrounding how your product/service solve their problems better be front and center. Shine the bigger spotlight on your benefits and value propositions.


Copy Overload

You have so much to say, but guess what – no one is reading it. Be thoughtful about every word on your website and organize content so it can be scanned. It’s all about headers, bullet points, icons and short paragraphs.

Slow to Load

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in literally 2 seconds or less. If your website leaves people waiting and waiting and waiting, they will abort the mission and find a website that will load.

Too Many Clicks

When consumers must click around your website to find something as simple as your contact info, they get frustrated and leave. Simple navigation with a simple menu is the best way to lead consumers to pertinent information about your product and services and phone number.

Mobile Unfriendliness

The fact is, more than 50% of website viewing these days is done on mobile devices. This means your website needs to be user-friendly on smartphones and tablets, which translates to loading quickly, looking visually amazing and have fonts that are readable.

Too many business owners neglect their website after it has officially launched. A good website requires fresh content and ongoing tweaks to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more. If your business website is three or four years old, consider conducting an audit or a makeover.

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